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Performance Monitoring System

Rising fuel oil prices, new environmental regulations and high competition give more pressure on shipowners to increase efficiency and economy of the vessels. An important fact for the bench-marking of vessel is the detection of actual performance and consumption data.
Only exact and true values can be the base for development and verification of improvements. The SDBnet modular system solution uses the existing Office network or the OSNnet on board for the continuous collection and indication of data. Standard interfaces are used to adapt and concentrate data from different systems in the database.
Additional products like the shaft power meter SPMnet, temperature or pressure sensors etc. are offered to complete the range of measuring data.

Brand: M.A.C. Germany

Features on board / shore:
- Actual performance data can be displayed on each existing workstation on the vessel / no additional
console and cable installation on board
- Warnings in case of base line deviation are indicated with green and red signs on the dash board
- Continuous Information about deviation from the baselines / charter party (Speed/Power, SFOC, Daily
Consumption, Nautical Mile / Day, Propeller Curve)
- Trend analysis for long term performance changes
- Transfer of performance data to the office / in an internet cloud – in the shore data base a lot of useful
functions for analyzing and comparing between different vessels are implemented.
- Calculation of total FO, DO and Oil consumptions in free selectable periods / comparison between
reported and measured data
- Fleet Overview
- Charter Party Compliance
- EEOI calculation (based on reported values)
- Scheduling






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